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April 13, 2012

Here we go…

January 1, 2012

Ok, so I started this blog as an opportunity to start writing in a more habitual manner (read “2012 resolution”).  I have no idea what you will end up reading, just that you will be reading something new-ish at least twice a week – whether the content is good or not is of no real current consequence, all that matters is that a habit of thinking (somewhat) and posting is established!

I imagine there are quite a few new blogs being created for the new year as this seems to be a new form of “therapy” – I know that was one of my thoughts when I made the resolution to do this twice a week.  There is, however, an ulterior motive to my publishing of this blog – I consume an unbelievable amount of web info (to me, at least) and I thought I might actually become an active participant rather than just a passive reader.

As stated before, I have no idea what will eventually appear on these “pages” (ok, so I’ll try to cool it on the quotes – just don’t expect expect me to do the same for the parenthetical notes), but I’ll try to make it worth someone’s while!  I have to warn you, though, (here’s your caveat) I do have a rather wide batch of interests and I currently have no intention of publishing multiple dedicated blogs… Enjoy!